We are a collective group of innovators, engineers, designers, and enthusiasts united with a passion for cars. We are a team that believes in our brand, company, and culture and it is our mission to manufacture products for everyone that share the same respect for tuning cars.


With Korea being one of the largest steel manufactures in the world, CEO, Ted Lee had a vision to manufacture and build an everlasting brand of world-class performance products. His determination and devotion lead him into establishing an immense manufacturing facility in South Korea dedicated to detail, quality, and design. With his experience and knowledge in metallurgy, exhaust technology, suspension and automotive design, ARK Performance was born in 2004. Here in Ontario, CA is where all of our R&D, distribution, and marketing efforts take place. Listening to our customers, experiencing the car lifestyle, competing in professional motorsports and understanding market trends is what makes our company confident and succesful. We currently manufacture a wide selection of premium products such as exhaust systems, coilover systems, lowering springs, aeroparts wheels, and other performance products. At ARK Performance, we take great pride in our products and that we will meet and exceed all customer expectations and satisfaction. So choose ARK Performance and you will see and believe in our slogan, "Xtreme Quality, Makes Xtreme Performance.

We strive to manufacture and build an everlasting brand of world class performance products.
Project Cars

Our drift program gives us an opportunity to truly understand how key components like power and drivetrain synchronize to form a winning weapon. We have built intense drift vehicles and have been able to work with some of the biggest talents in the world like Dennis Mertzanis, Patrick Mourdant, Odi Bakchis, Matt Field, James, Deane, Piotr Wiecek, and Johnathan Castro. Performance and competition is our lifeblood and Formula D is the only stage for us.

Project Cars

The ARK Performance Team makes it all possible.

Xtreme Quality Makers Xtreme Performance.