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    The R-Spec Track Concept Genesis Coupe was designed for track use and only track use. Hyundai already re-engineered the engine with direct injection and we have taken it a step further with the stroker kit bringing the motor close to 400 horsepower. Paired with an intake, oil cooler, lightweight pulleys, and ceramic coated headers this was sure to be a weekend track warrior.

    • 395 horsepower
    • 340 ft.-lbs. torque
    • BC 4.2 Stroker Kit
    • ARK Performance Intake
    • ARK Performance Oil Cooler
    • ARK Performance Lightweight Pulleys
    • ARK Performance R-Spec Headers
    • ARK Performance Down Pipe
    • ARK Performance Test Pipe
    • ARK Performance GRiP Exhaust System
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    The idea behind the Genesis Coupe R-Spec Track Concept was to design a car that is both comfortable and competitive at the track. Our first step was to widen the stance of the Genesis Coupe giving it the extra stability. The suspension is fine tuned with track-ready ARK Performance DT-P coilovers and downforce is reinforced by the APR front carbon splitter with a APR GT300 carbon wing. All this is tied together with a time attack red black and white theme both inside the cabin and outside the car.

    • ARK Performance C-FX Widebody
    • ARK Performance Wide Front Bumper
    • ARK Performance Wide Rear Bumper
    • ARK Performance Wide Front / Rear Fenders
    • ARK Performance Carbon Side Skirts
    • ARK Performance DT-P Coilover System
    • APR Front Carbon Splitter
    • ß APR GT300 Wing
    • JPM Coachworks Interior
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    Every piece of this car was built with the end user in mind. We wanted to build something with parts that are available to the public and parts that were not we made them available. Everything had a high attention to detail with the JPM Coachworks interior, Sparco PRO-ADV seats and steering wheel, Cusco eight-point roll cage, Cusco 1.5/2-way limited slip differential, Advan RS2 wheels, and Nitto NT05 tires.

    • Advan RS2 Forged Wheels
    • Nitto NT05 Tires
    • Cusco 8-point Roll Cage
    • Cusco 1.5/2-way limited slip differential
    • RK carbon clutch kit
    • Sparco PRO-ADV Seats
    • Sparco Steering Wheel
    • Nitrous Express Kit
    • AirMotion Front Cup Kit