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    For any aftermarket dual exhaust system a crossover pipe such as an H-pipe or X-pipe is needed to balance both banks of the engine. For the C6 Corvette we decided that the best choice for our system is to use our X-pipe technology to manage exhaust scavenging effects, balance exhaust pulses, and improve exhaust flow. Our X-pipe is located within our system towards the front of the car to converge and crossover exhaust gases as quickly as possible to produce more power.

  • As your engine spins faster, exhaust gas is pushed out harder with our X-pipe.
  • Allows a better and smooth flow from your engine to your tailpipe.
  • X-pipe technology produces more power than an H-pipe.
  • Our X-pipe creates a more exotic sound producing a slightly higher exhaust note pitch.

Reservoir Tank

    Are you looking for an exhaust that is not so loud in-cabin with minimal drone?
    For the GRiP exhaust system we have included our reservoir chamber tank technology to reduce in- cabin drone at low cruising speeds. The idea of our reservoir chamber tank comes from the Helmholtz pipe, and it’s specifically designed and engineered to fine tune the harmonics and acoustic of our system. For every car we measure and target the speed and rpm range of when and where drone occurs. In order to reduce this drone we added our reservoir chamber tanks that function during low cruising speeds, in which exhaust scavenging and vibrations are collected in our chamber tanks reflecting and eliminating specific sound frequencies.


Sound and Design

    By keeping the infamous Corvette rumble, the sound of the GRiP exhaust is aggressive on the outside at higher rpm’s while quiet in-cabin at lower rpm’s. This exhaust system looks unique and aggressive with an amazing sound at hard acceleration speeds with acceptable and minimum drone.